Black & White LOVELEIGH Cards


Scriptures for a LOVELEIGH life.
Set of 42 scripture cards + 4 blank cards for your personal additions. All packaged in a white box; perfect for yourself or as a gift.
*NOTE: these are the same verses as our Watercolor LOVELEIGH Cards.

Anytime we came to our mom with a problem, which happened frequently, her response was always with scripture. No matter where she was or what that day had in store, she devoted each morning to soaking up God’s love and meditating on His words. When she offered guidance, it came from personal, memorized verses that she had clung to in a time of hardship, doubt, or even joy! As you face life’s worries, we hope that you can conquer them the same way she persevered through so many trials: focusing on whatever is LOVELEIGH (Philippians 4:8).  Each of these cards holds a favorite reminder she shared with those she loved, and in her memory, we want to share them with you!

Our mom’s life was devoted to helping others in whatever way she could. It was allowing strangers to live with us (for years!) or picking up people off the side of the road. Her home was always full and her heart always on display. One of the places she loved serving the most was Trujillo, Honduras. From the moment she began her work there, she did not waiver, she did not stop. Even in her last days when she was highly advised to stay healthy and safe at home, she jumped on the plane willing to give God’s people there her all.  That love is still remembered in Honduras through each year that passes without her. Each of these scripture card sets helps continue her legacy by donating part of the proceeds to sponsor children’s Christian education in Trujillo.

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